Hello! I’m Leandro, for Leo friends. I am a wedding photographer who loves life, his wife and his sweet dog Cinnamon. I live in Novara, but my work leads me to travel all over Italy and the whole world. I could tell you so many things about me. For example, I studied photography at IED, I lived a year in China working as an industrial photographer and photojournalist, I traveled as an architecture photographer, I worked as an advertising photographer and I teach photography but maybe, these things have a relative importance. Rather I would like to tell you something that can give you the opportunity to know me for who I am, how I live life and how this influences my photography.

Are you a dreamer too? Over the years I have found the right balance between dream and concreteness and I must say that it is working great: I dreamed of love and I met my wife Serena; I dreamed of a job that would allow me to communicate with others and for others and I’m doing it; I dreamed of having a dog and now I have it. I consider myself a lucky person. Believing in my dreams gave me the chance to make them successful. My grandfather told me that emotional intelligence and sensitivity, if managed correctly, can become precious gifts to put at the service of myself and others. Now I realize that it is so.¬†There are many things that I consider important in my life but I mention only a few:

Serena: my wife. A woman with a sensitive soul and a big heart. My half of the apple; Cannella: my dog. A sweet toy poodle. Smart. I like to always teach you new things. This is also communication; Photography: my life. The way to communicate to others how I see things. A means to make people happy but also an excellent therapy for the soul; Cinema: I love the atmosphere of sharing and the totalizing experience that cinema offers. Going to the cinema for me means dreaming; Swimming: water is my element. Photographing the location of the sea, lake or river always excites me a lot. Even the mountain though; Herbal teas: I love in moments of reflection or to relax, prepare a good herbal tea with my cast iron teapot

To love marriage photography means for me to love my family, to love people, the positive energy that comes from love.

Thanks grandpa, thanks to my wife Serena and my little Cinnamon. Thanks to all my family who love me and support me in my life path.


I have always thought that people give off energy and that love is the positive pole. The wedding photography allows me to live this positive charge giving me the opportunity to be able to represent it tangibly through my photographs. Nothing more involving and rewarding for those who, like me, are in love with many aspects of humanity. I’m in love with people in love.

The photographic style of the reportage that I personally use to interpret the marriage, is a style of spontaneous photography that leads, by its nature, to an acute observation and a deep knowledge of the couple. In fact, I consider myself an attentive and sensitive observer who loves to represent, by living with delicacy and passion, the stories and feelings of people. Each couple has its own story that deserves to be deepened in order to be interpreted in a unique way. This is the reason why I always prefer to meet you personally, except for objective difficulties. Knowing oneself means understanding together if I can be suitable for you as an interpreter of your memories.
I like knowing how you met, what struck you, how you dream of your wedding day and how you organized it.
I will document every moment without neglecting anything to chance. One of the phrases that they tell me to say more often is: “I will do everything to make you happy”. I love the suggestion of ambient light with its mysterious shadows and its warm and enveloping lights. I like the idea that you can get excited and remember even through suggestive atmospheres.

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let you go to your emotions…