David and Elena

I am very happy that I choose Leandro as a photographer for our wedding. I was looking for a photographer with heart, who loves his job. That impression I had, when i saw the pictures on his website.

Leandro took time to discuss with us all the details on the phone and afterwards we met him also live in the hotel, where should be our wedding.

I was very important to me to get to know him.

Leandro is very nice and easy to work person. He was always on time and very good organized.

My husband is not a fan of taking pictures so Leandro have done everything that my husband felt comfortable by photoshooting.

When I saw the pictures for the first time, it was like having this great day for the second time – so many emotions, live and love were on these pictures. They are also of a very good quality and you can see that the work was done with heart.

I can recommend Leandro for all the couples who are looking for high professional photographer who can picture you love on these very special day.


Mattia and Sara

Organizing a marriage is special, at a certain point you realize that all the efforts and money spent will eventually make sense with the end of the reception. Only one of the many hardships that you face will give you joy and serenity after some time: the photographs. This is why we chose Leandro, skilled and professional, he advised us, helped us and somehow became part of the family.

He gave us many, many wonderful photos (about 3000) that will accompany us forever. But above all …. looking at the photos of our friends who got married before us … there is no comparison! We showed them to relatives, friends, guests … not one who did not compliment us and asked what the photographer was called.

On the other hand, it is not enough to have the technology available to make a photo live, you need to know how to use it, put your technique and heart into it. This is not bought.

Follow his advice and let yourself be carried away that day, everything else will do him.

I would never have entrusted the photos of my marriage to someone else!

Great Leandro!


Davide and Sonia

We chose Leandro for the day of our wedding for his professionalism and sensitivity.

Since the first meeting he has been able to understand our needs without ever letting us down. A man full of resources, not a traditionalist who always tries to renew himself.

By his shots he manages to capture moments of true feeling. A true professional photographer


Fabio and Monica

We chose Leandro as a photographer of our wedding after seeing many other photographers not only for his particular vision in describing the best day of two people but also because we immediately liked his gritty personality and full of desire to do, essential for us to make a person join our lives during our most important day.

At our wedding all the colors have happened and Leandro behaved like a real professional managing even the most extreme situations!


Igor and Raffaella

We’ve known each other since 2009, the year I got married! Leandro is a professional in the true sense of the word, and has been able to get excited at every single shot, because he believes in what he does by putting body and soul and always participating with a smile!

His approach to photography is natural and not built so as to always put customers at ease treating them as friends!

Thanks Leandro !!

p.s .: photography is art and life!


Alberto e Helen

I fell in love with his photographs since I started looking on the web. I immediately thought that he should be the photographer of our wedding … A trained professional who knows his stuff but also a kind and helpful person who can put us at ease in front of the camera.

I am convinced that I have invested my money well.

Now I have unique and beautiful memories made with passion and feeling (a lot transpires from the photos). We all moved a bit when we delivered the album.

By now he has become our favorite photographer …


Fabio and Ilaria

They are not just photographs … they are emotions!

Leandro really knows “seize the right moment” in his photographs, with great passion and always with discretion and sensitivity.

The result is unique shots, real, natural and above all never banal!

We had no doubts in wanting it on our side both for a prenuptial photographic service that we wanted playful and fun (with spectacular photographs that have hit the mark!), Which of course for our big day … the result is a unique photographic reportage , which contains all our best memories!

Thanks Leandro, the best! ????????


Iva e Claudio

Iva and Claudio If we are to remarry, we will have no doubts about re-selecting Leando for our wedding photo shoot! Punctual, precise, recommendable! We did not have to worry about anything. I would choose another thousand times! surely it’s the top! He manages to understand the most salient moments of marriage. My husband and I were really satisfied and amazed by the naturalness and the play of light and shadow. I would recommend it to all the next brides and the next couple …. and the result is EXCELLENT every picture is a portrait of a work of art … In the photos taken, memories and emotions of that important day resurface, all enclosed in the spontaneity of the photos.

Impeccable service. You have made our memories unique.

Know how to explain, he knows how to understand.

Thank you so much !!!! ????????


Riccardo and Mihaiela

Leandro is a great photographer, specialist in marriage services and great character. We did not find it hard to decide to rely on him for our photo shoot.

We were looking for a photographer who was a serious professional and not an amateur with a passion for photography. Leandro has technique, taste of beauty and savoir-faire; is able to assist you in the most beautiful day of your life and in a sense it is also a bit ‘a wedding planner.

The photos speak for themselves, beautiful in every detail, they manage to capture fantastically the emotions that are felt.

We are fully satisfied with our choice and we advise you to rely on him and his staff, you will not be disappointed!


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