How much do you love your partner or your partner? Is not it wonderful? You’re a couple!

Perhaps immediately or perhaps in the near future, you will be going to formalize your love through marriage or you will decide to face cohabitation. What matters, however, is love!

We must be aware that being a couple is one of the most beautiful and exciting phases before arriving at the wedding: the butterflies in the stomach, the evenings spent watching the stars, the dreaming of what will be together … What better time to stop your dreams in wonderful pictures?

Couple photography will be a special way to remind you of yourself, of how you are together and of the luck you have had to meet you.I will take you to fabulous places that we will use as scenarios for your love. Unlike what happens during the wedding day, you will have all the time to externalize all the sides of your character that surely will be my concern to save in your photographic memories.

If you are getting married, couple photography is really what could make your dream more complete and conscious.