What’s your photographic style?2019-02-28T07:22:16+01:00

Emozional, refined, friendly, tidy
I mainly do wedding reportage. This type of shooting does not include poses, but tries to tell, in the most natural and spontaneous way, all aspects of your beautiful day. I try to always be as discreet as possible. However, for those who request it, I can integrate the service with some more “guided” shots that will always be natural and dynamic. If you are interested in knowing my work philosophy, click HERE


What’s your quotation?2019-02-28T07:22:47+01:00

I propose various customized solutions studied on your needs and starting from € 1,300. Considering that every marriage is unique and obviously every couple is also, I would always prefer to meet you in person or by Skype call without obligation in order to be able to deliver a wise solution, definitive and without surprises. Each solution proposed by me will always include my personal presence, all the photographs taken, the professional post-production of your photographs and their delivery in high resolution. Please, tell me about your wedding and your wishes. It will be a pleasure for me to be able to illustrate every aspect related to your specific photo shoot. Also, if you have already planned a budget for the wedding photographer, please, indicate it in the email: I will try to respond to your specific needs.


Do you offer addictional services like video, photobooth, engagement or other?2019-02-28T07:23:06+01:00

Of course! I also enthusiastically realize couples’ services, engagement shooting, trash the dress and all that revolves around wedding, marriage and family and maternity photography. I can provide you with everything you need to make a fun photobooth and are in contact with the best Italian videomakers to offer you a real movie of your wedding. Write to me indicating the additional services you want and I will give you all the information and prices.

How long before do we have to book your services?2019-02-28T07:23:25+01:00

It is always difficult to answer this question because every year there are some extremely requested dates and some less. In any case, from personal experience, for what concerns the dates of the months of May, June and September, I would recommend at least one year before.

How do we contact you for our wedding?2019-02-28T07:23:45+01:00

You have different choice: You can contact me by e-mail, Facebook, What’s up , Skype or directly at 333.1538840. We will set up a meeting in my studio to be able to meet personally and to evaluate together all the available options. If you then decide to hire me as a photographer, I will have you sign a contract that will certify and guarantee your choices.
The appointment is not demanding, it is simply a chat of knowledge and in-depth analysis through the evaluation of the offers and the photographs I have proposed. I’m available for appointments also on weekends and late in the evening.

Do you take photographs only in Piedmont?2019-02-28T07:24:29+01:00

No, I can move throughout Italy and abroad to meet your every request. Of course the costs of travel (flight, diesel, highway and hotel) and the fact that a marriage outside the region / state can involve a commitment of several days (and therefore a loss of marriages in Piedmont), can affect costs.

Do you work alone?2019-02-28T07:24:48+01:00

I am the only owner of the studio: I will be assisted personally by an assistant at the wedding. However, depending on the service chosen, you will have the opportunity to hire a second professional photographer who will support me during the day.


How long will I have to wait to get the photos?2019-02-28T07:25:14+01:00

Generally, after 3/4 weeks from the wedding day, I can provide you with all the shots taken. In the most intense periods of work, the wait can be up to 3 months excluding the months of August, October and December from the count. I will deliver you from 1,200 to 2,000 shots at the highest resolution.

What do you mean by post production?2019-02-28T07:25:32+01:00

It is a work of improving photography in terms of lights, tones, colors and contrasts. Through post – production, I will provide you with images of atmosphere, enveloping and character, in line with your identity and my style. I prefer an elegant and delicate style without exaggerated distortions. I do not consider post-production all that is alteration of the image as a modification of faces, bodies and somatic traits.
The post production will be performed on all your photographs!

If I wanted to make the album?2019-02-28T07:25:51+01:00

Of course, in our studio, we can offer you a variety of high quality albums. Defining them album is a bit simplistic in truth, they are perhaps more similar to objects of furniture. You can choose between digital album and traditional album. I will give you the best advice on the different types of covers and paper supports. I will show you the differences between “normal” paper and fine art paper so that you can make the most of your photographs.

What guarantees can you offer us?2019-02-28T07:26:10+01:00

Surely I can guarantee you an extreme human and professional attention oriented to your dreams and your desires. I will do everything possible to give you a unique and exclusive experience respecting your personality. For this reason I work in an artisan way, preferring to personally take care of all the phases of the service. I want to know the people and places to be represented in order to filter them through my personal sensitivity in a magical dimension. I think photography is a matter of trust and that’s why I also want my couples to know who they are in complete transparency. For what concerns the testimonies of my couples and the ethical professional guarantees, you can view the “reviews” on the site and the guarantees that I offer as an ANFM member of the National Association of Matrimonialist Photographers.